How It Works

Ongoing Spiritual Direction

Individuals generally see a spiritual director about once a month, for one hour.Through spiritual direction, we seek to experience God’s love and deeply feel our own reciprocal love for God.

During the initial meetings, time will be spent getting to know you and your spiritual history. A trusting relationship will be formed through presence and prayerfulness.

In ongoing spiritual direction, you explore together the significant moments of the previous month, inviting God to reveal the divine presence through this review. Often, revelations of God’s loving activity came during dedicated prayer periods. At other times, they came spontaneously through the prayer of one’s life.

Sometimes, situations, events or attitudes from the past may be blocking an individual’s openness to experiencing God’s love. The spiritual direction encounter allows for gently and prayerfully exploring these potential blocks to open the path to new freedom.

Directees may ask a spiritual director for help in developing a more disciplined prayer life. The director will prayerfully discern prayer forms and material to meet the person’s current needs. These commonly include passages from scripture or other sacred reading, scheduled time in solitude, appreciation of nature, listening to music, journal writing or other forms of expression.

Still, we remember that God is present in and able to communicate to us through all things. Sitting on a crowded bus or train, caring for a child or someone who is ill, biting into a fresh apple or spending a loving moment with one’s spouse are just a few examples of where we might find God’s presence. Observing the response of our own hearts to trying situations frequently allows us to acknowledge God’s activity within us.

A spiritual director comes to the relationship in the belief that, in God’s time, faithfulness to spiritual direction will bear fruit in helping the individual develop an open, listening and loving heart, ready to receive and live in communication with the Divine – right in the midst of the grit and tangle of everyday life.

Retreats in Everyday Life – The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

As a director in the Ignatian tradition, I am experienced in guiding individuals through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. I guide people through these more intense experiences of prayer and spiritual direction using 8 Week and 32 Week formats. The Retreats in Everyday Life require that one have the time and commitment to devote time to daily prayer and weekly meetings with the director.